Disclaimers | RGM Virtual Office Management, LLC | United States

RGM Virtual Office Management, LLC is not a law firm, nor are we attorneys.
We do not provide advice to any individual as to their legal rights, remedies, or obligations under the laws of the United States of America.

RGM Virtual Office Management, LLC's paralegal services are provided ONLY to licensed attorneys. All documents are prepared under the exclusive direction of those attorneys.

RGM Virtual Office Management, LLC will ONLY assist Pro se individuals who face challenging financial hardships that hinder them from retaining affordable legal representation. These individuals have assumed their consumer right, acquired gainful knowledge, and understand their legal responsibilities to proceed on their own accord. 

All individuals must know beforehand, what application, form, or document is needed. RGM Virtual Office Management, LLC will not instruct or suggest which forms or applications to use.

LEGAL COUNSULATION WITH AN ATTORNEY IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND ACTIVELY ENCOURAGED before contacting RGM Virtual Office Management, LLC, or any document preparer to prepare  any document that is considered to be a "legal" document.

RGM Virtual Office Management, LLC WILL NOT violate under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE any UNAUTHORIZED PRACTICE OF LAW including all codes or rules for the states of Texas, Florida, New York, Georgia, and Colorado. 

If an individual has NOT sought out legal consultation with an Attorney, as a courtesy, RGM Virtual Office Management, LLC will refer those individuals free of charge to a randomly chosen  licensed Attorney who actively practices within their local area.